Pivoting Arms & Panels in a Starburst Shape

All - slowly improving!
I’ve done my absolute best to build a script that begins to demonstrate what I’m aiming for in effort of someone helping me to build in some flexibility simplify/fix problems.

The idea is that the form starts something like this (ideally using just a base outline curve/surface as highlighted in yellow):

The plan is to then subdivide this into equal segments (if this number can be controllable)…
and then subdivide these panels into a staggered offset pattern also.

Next step I want to be able to do, is to then rotate opposing full segments along their framed axis, as shown here - I rotated these a random amount so that they simply appeared in a star-bust shape - not sure what might be best to rationalise this or whether to keep it random?:

Final step is to have the individual panels then rotate randomly around the axis as this but alternating so that they don’t align:

I’ve managed to get the basics of a script that does one arm and panel, but doesn’t quite work with odd shaped panels or do everything that I’m hoping for as described above.
I really don’t want to keep building this from scratch!

I’ve internalised geometry if that helps.
Hopefully someone can help me out…definitely feel like I’m improving from where I was as an absolute complete beginner 2 weeks ago!

Thanks so much in advance!

210118_Starburst Panels_Rev 1.gh (20.1 KB)

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