Piping issue

Hi everyone.
I am trying to do something simple but I confront some issues.

I am trying to pipe some closed curves but the pipes are broken and don’t follow along the curves everywhere.
I assume this happens because of the curvature of the curve and the given radius. Is there a possible solution on that?
If not, I don’t mind if the radius of the pipe varies and gets thinner where the curve turns around (since I want a more organic look), so I tried in T-splines with no success. Is there another plug-in or way of doing so?

Thanks a lot!pipe issue.gh (4.2 KB)
pipe issue.3dm (110.8 KB)

If you don’t mind to use mesh, then try to use Mesh Pipein Mesh Tool plugin.

Hi Vanessa,
It’s not the radius, I don’t know if you are aware but they are polylines, not curves. In this definition I used the vertexes of the polylines to create periodic (closed) curves.
Is the variable radius something you would tolerate or something you would like?

pipes.gh (43.1 KB)