3D modelling & (CNC)Fabrication work 2019

I wanted to take the latest stable release of Bark Beetle for a spin, but Rhino crashes instantly when I try to open the GH file from GitHub.

Hmm that’s strange, do you use mac or windows?
Thanks @Gijs!

macOS + Rhino 6

Odd, for some reason somebody else I met here couldn’t open it either on mac. Not sure what the cause could be to be honest. Is the GH python component working on mac? I think we used only standard Grasshopper components to avoid others having to install plugins.

Yes, I’ve used it extensively myself. Works like a charm. :wink:
What other dependencies are you using, for instance inside GHPython?

Hmm nothing special as far as I can see:

It’s a big definition to dig through though so I might be forgetting something. Perhaps, when I get access to a mac, I need to try to open parts of the definition until it crashes.

Thanks, very kind of you. If you want to, I could also take a look at the source. I have a few Pythonic tricks up my sleeve myself. :wink:

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thumbs up~

I’m sure you do and any help is more than welcome! We haven’t been working very actively on it lately even though there’s a lot of things that still could be improved (I believe the latest version has even a big bug in the pocket generator). It’s one of those endless projects which currently works “good enough” that it’s hard to stay motivated on making progress. On one hand because we don’t know if other people are actively using it and if it therefore helps anybody else but the people at our workshop, on the other hand because we like doing other projects as well ;-). It’s far from perfect and has a bit of a learning curve to it, but you can do quite a lot of cool stuff with it that would be hard to do with other CAM-software.
The good news is, I was talking to somebody else today at the workshop who had the same issues and we might be able to borrow a mac from him with rhino soon to test with.

Hi @siemen

Amazing work!

  1. What do you do for solve joints (dogbones? and if so - grasshopper?)
  2. what do you use to make the sweet animations (anigif)?


Yes, dogbones: I use python scripts for automatically creating those, so I don’t need to switch to grasshopper. For the animation I used Photoshop to create the gif. I had the images already from the assembly guide I made for the guys assembling the structure so just combined them into a gif.

Nice stuff, thanks for posting

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Great Job! I love the car model.

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Can you Share more about the squished Cottage?
Specifically, The logic to make it/ method of coming up with the process and concept. Was it a set of distorted perspectives?
Did it require a great deal of Post processing, or where you able to code the change from building to Iconography?

Nice stuff. I will show it to Mauro, I don’t know if he saw this before.

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It was for a client of mine who is an artist (Anders Holen). He basically sent me a 3d model which I assume he bought from an online 3d library and asked if I could squash it into a circular 3d texture and machine it. Since it was a mesh, I redrew most of the model to nurbs so I could cage edit the house and get smooth transitions. I then machined it out of solid oak slabs which brought some warping challenges due to the material properties. He also asked me to convert a sphere like 3d shape into a square 3d texture.

Explanation I can find from the exhibition:
The figures can be viewed as a sort of digital inversion based on what geometricians call “squaring the circle”: a mathematical problem where the idea is to form a square with the same area as a given circle by only using geometric construction. After centuries of experiments it was proven that such squaring was unattainable, and today the phrase is used as a metaphor for carrying out the impossible.

Do the structures the kids are playing in–come in larger sizes?
: )

We haven’t produced bigger yet but it’s possible. :-). I created the structure using a Grasshopper definition I made to allow for different sizes and materials.

If you cannot fit in there, how then could you be assured that it’s fun : )

Good works !! Cheers