How to fix this fillet?

Hi guys,
I made a chess piece. Everything is Ok else than one of fillets. I’ve marked it on the image below. Please help me to fix it. Manual trimming didn’t solve the issue. Please guide me. Thanks.

Help.3dm (1.0 MB)

Looks like this is a rook. The one chop that failed is on the seam of the main surface. Delete it and copy one that did work. Or, rotate the main surface so that the seam is in between the chop places.

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Use ExtractSrf on surfaces 1 and 2 and then use SrfSeam to move their seams in between the cutouts. Join it all back together and the fillet will work.

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Hi Alex - this fillet would work and the rest will look better if you very slightly tune up the initial curve that you revolved - SimplifyCrv, then Explode the curve and clean up (unless it is part of the design) the tangent discontinuity where I marked it in the attached file - see the Match command, for tangency, or move the points by hand if you know how to do that. Rejoin, revolve and make your cuts - the fillets should be fine, I predict.

Chess_PG.3dm (257.1 KB)


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Thank you Pascal. :slight_smile:

Thank you Brian. :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris. :slight_smile: