PictureFrame - Front and Back View

Hy there _ i´m having a problem with hiding background images in a Fornt and a Back view _
In the front view i just want to see the picture from the Frontside of the car _ and in the
Backview just the picture of the backside of the car _ ???
in my case i see the picture of the backside of the car also in the front view ?!?! _
So is there any possibility to hide a picture just in a spezial view???

Hope somebody can help me out??? _

Hi @dominic_groll

I don’t think that’s possible. My workaround for this case is:
place the background pics to different layers and name the layer e.g. picFront, picBack. So you can switch fast between the backgrounds.

I’m not understand that you can see the front background image on back view, my rhino can’t see the frontview background on backview and visaversa.

I’m using this buttons maybe you use something else…Naamloos2

There’s a difference between BackgroundBitmap and PictureFrame…

Ok sorry ,my mistake.

First of all thanks for the reply _ OK _ that´s waht´s happening if i switch to the Backside view.
Now i can chose between two images _ if i chose the scond one and want to keep on working the background switches automatically to the Frontside image!?!?!

Hi Dominic - I’m not sure I follow but If the images are on top of each other, move them apart a little so there is some space between.