Picture frame images disappearing on screen, in print preview dialog & final pdf

Hello - I’m on a Mac running Rhino 6 and have been having major problems with Picture Frame Images disappearing on screen to either white or black boxes. It feels like a Graphics issues as sometimes when I zoom in or out, or restart RHINO, the images will reappear.

Similarly, sometimes the images swap where I place one image and it’s fine, but when I pan back to that image, it’s somehow showing one of the other images also in the file. Even if I relink the image, it doesn’t change what I see on-screen.

When I print or save as PDF, I checked “Raster” vs. “Vector” but some images drop out of the preview panel in the print dialog box (even though they are visible in PRINT PREVIEW in the LAYOUTS tab) and they don’t show up in the final PDF even though other images appear.

None of the images are “locked”, and the option is checked anyway to include locked objects.

I remember having similar problems in Rhino 5 Windows - and there was an option to uncheck Use Accelerated CPU…which seemed to help, but I’m not finding that in the Mac version.

Any help would be much appreciate as it has taken me hours going back and forth re-importing and trimming images.


Hello - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here?