Picture Frame - hide edges

Is there a way to hide picture frame edges? This case is a patchwork or trimmed picture frames which make up a site-plan and I need to hide these edges in the printed PDF.

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Good morning Brian,

I have been struggling with this and found that if you picture frame your image in modelspace and create a layout page with a detail whose window is pulled in slightly from the edges of the image, you will not see the edge. You may or may not have to set the display mode in the detail to Rendered. (I have had to do this in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be a requirement now.)

I am not sure whethere there is another way to do this that doesn’t involve layout space.

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When it comes time to produce the final image I usually go into the Display Settings and set the Edge Thickness to Zero. Right Click on Viewport Title and select display options or Tools>Options>View>display Modes>Shaded

Just don’t forget to set it back otherwise it can be a bit confusing

I recommend you make a new displaymode instead, so you don’t have to edit it all the time.


Thank you

Like a pro! :smile:

Thank you all for the tips. I’ve created a new PictureFrame displaymode from a copy of Shaded and the image edges are hidden nicely.

I have several page layouts already set up and needed to activate each detail and change to the pictureframe displaymode to get it working in layout space, looking good.