Picking outermost points on curve

Hi all,
My goal is to draw a line from the outermost points of the blue curves in the top projection. To do this, I set my cplane (universal) and have been using End Osnap to try to pick those points as shown in the photo. However I am realizing now that the End Osnap appears all along the curve, regardless of whether or not I’m actually at the end of the curve in the top view. Is there a way to ensure I’m getting the right points?

Hello - the Quad OSnap should help here.


Haha thanks so much, sorry for such an obvious question. I checked the documentation and this looks to be exactly what I need

Could I actually get a little more help with this? I toggled the Quad Osnap but no quad snap points appear on my curves when I bring the cursor close

Hello - Quad is Cplane based. Not sure if that makes a difference in your case.


Well I know my Cplane is placed the way I want and is universal. I tried in all viewports but the snap points don’t appear on any curve. Do I need to select the curve first?

So, Quad will not find kinks - like a rectangle that is rotated off of the CPlane alignment, End osnap will find those - Quad is really for finding the outermost point on a smooth curve.
Note you can use BoundingBox as well - Int will then find the intersections of curve and bounding box.

Feel free to post an example curve.


The purple curves in my image are the ones I want to find the ends of, in the top plane. Are they not smooth enough?
Will try bounding box too, I think that will work as well
PE_12_measuring.3dm (545.8 KB)

I see, so the curves are polylines - those will not show Quads. BoundingBox will help for now.


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