Physics Library For Rhino.Python Instead of kangaroo?

Hi Everyone,as I know, there is a Physics library for processing called Toxiclib which including millions of physical simulation methods.
I wonder if there is a library for rhino.python, so we could import it straightforward(purely coding only) instead of getting kangaroo involved. thanks for help!!!

I don’t know if you already know this, but you can import Grasshopper modules into Python.. The only thing is that both Grasshopper and the GHPython plug-in for Grasshopper have to be installed, and currently, the component you want to import into Python has to have been run at least once in Grasshopper. Since V6 should have Grasshopper integrated, hopefully this limitation will be gone by then. Here is Steve’s blogpost on the subject.


.Net libraries can all be used. Kangaroo has a .Net library, itself. Especially if they are fully-managed, they should work fine:

Also Python libraries written in pure Python should work well (I can find several for 2D, as well as this one: ).


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It should also be possible to adjust Kangaroo so that it can be called from systems other than Grasshopper. @DanielPiker, is this currently possible for Kangaroo?

It’s true that the physics engine of Kangaroo is just a .Net library, and shouldn’t necessarily have to be used through the Grasshopper components.
I am working on making it possible to create and control simulations directly within scripts - it’s not ready yet, but hopefully soon.

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thank you all for great help :smile: