PGG-618 Tuo Chiang (Tuo Jiang or Tuo River) class corvette


Wonderful work! do you use Grasshopper skills to help on these projects?

Hello thanks for the comments.
I came to Grasshopper because I wanted to automate some tasks, just handrail and propellers

Now in Nemo plugin

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Merveilleux! The amount of detail in the last shot is astonishing. How long did you approximatively work on this (if you’re willing to tell)?

It was night work, hobby, so I didn’t count. It must be something like one week work.

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Thanks Laurent.
I had a hunch you were doing the handrails in GH I’ll take a look at nemo.

Nice, couldn’t image this boat is made in grasshopper. Next time would be destroyer type-055 Renhai-class?

Hello, it is not done in Grasshopper. It is done in Rhinoceros. Grasshopper is just used to automate some tasks.
At the moment I am not modelling ships or others things to sell them on turbosquid.