Nemo - Plugin for Ship Design

Hello Guys !

I would like to share with you my Grasshopper plugin for Ship Design called Nemo !

Awaiting for McNeel approval, it should be available on Food4Rhino page soon. You can already check the Grasshopper Group where you will find all informations and external links.

In the meanwhile, join the group and share / like / follow the Facebook / Linkedin pages if you are interested !

See you soon,


It is cool to see some Rhino grasshopper things from my old school ! I am not a hull designer but I gave Ensta Bretagne some military hulls I modelled in Rhino. Perhaps you used them ?

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Hello Laurent,
Nice to hear from other ENSTA people, thanks !
Unfortunately, the school didn’t provided me .3DM hull files, I created my own hull library from several sources, sorry.
It could be interesting to keep in touch, as I am wondering what to do next ! I suppose you are Naval Architect / Engineer if you are from this school, right ?

Hello Mathieu,
Unfortunately I am not naval architect I choose pyrotechnics option. I just modeled some ships and sold them on turbosquid.
I first use Grasshopper to make some nice propellers.

Best regards
Laurent Delrieu

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Waoh, nice work !
I remember seen this when I started trying Grasshopper, awesome !
I assume you are working with Naval Group or similar company then ? Maybe in Nantes ? (I hope to find a job in this city after September :wink: )

Nemo still not authorised on FoodFor Rhino, and idea why?

Hello Joseph,
No clue unfortunately, maybe they are still in vacation ?
I’ll try to contact them if still nothing by the end of the week.

The person in charge of F4R is out until the 24th, yes…

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Thanks you for the clarification Wim, mystery solved !

Thanks, guess I’ll just have to be patient. Looking forward to seeing your effort Mathieu.

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Hi Mathieu,

I have checked your website. It looks really great.

I am Naval Architect and using Rhino since ver 1.0… I can send you some gh files I am generated and using on my hull designs… Maybe you will integrate some of these codes if you like them…


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Hello Yigit,
Thanks for your kind words !
I will be very happy to see what great works you have since so long time, and add you as contributor. Next version of Nemo is not planned yet, but I can add ideas on the To Do list. Feel free to send me an email.


I have sent the GH file (and an example hull) to your email…


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Hello everyone,
Nemo is finally swimming in Food4Rhino !
Catch the fish now :

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Could you tell me what are you using the old kangaroo solver for?
The meshing?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @ivelin.peychev,
Old kangaroo and Plankton library are used in the Hull MeshPlankton component, you’re right.
Mainly to create more regular triangles organization and keeps edges position (in case of hard chines, for example).

Is it allowed to distribute Kangaroo and Plankton within an own plugin?

Hello @TomTom,
According to the license terms of Plankton, I guess so :
No modification applied, credits and links are given too.


Since Nemo is free for non-commercial use, will be there commercial version available in future?

LoL, I did not see this one coming.

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