Perspective section view scaled in layout


Does anybody know how to scale a perspective section view in layout?
The camera is oriented to the section so that this section is a measurable section view.
But how to define the scale?


Activate the detail window (it has to be unlocked (properties panel) for that.) Navigate as in model view and Zoom in. Or zoom +ctrl (may need alt also, I forget) to maintain current foreshortening.
Then select the detail view and lock it (properties panel) to avoid inadvertently navigating again.

Ok, so we can only navigate in the window to aproximate the wanted scale, it is not possible to enter the value!

As you may realize, scale only applies to orthographic elements in a representation of an object or space, or to orthographic 3d views.

There are techniques* you could employ so that the section plane of a perspective view is represented to scale, but because of foreshortening, as you may also realize (and your example image shows), every element beyond that plane would be represented in successively smaller scales too varied (with distance and focal length of “camera”) to be measurable.

*This is what I’d try (there may be more accurate means): Start with an ortho detail view (of the desired scale) that’s perpendicular to the section plane and either a) convert it to a perspective view, or b) superimpose a perspective detail view (taken perpendicular to the section plane) on top of the ortho view. After either a) or b), you would likely need to zoom around in the perspective view until that perspective view’s section plane matches the desired ortho view scale. You’d have to stay perpendicular to the section plane with the view, of course (to keep the section plane orthographic). You might have to adjust the zoom increments in Options to accomplish this with accuracy.

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