Perpendicular extrude & how to export in tekla

Please help me anyone, How to extrude this surface plate perpendicular in grasshopper and how to export this plate in tekla. Is there any possibility in tekla to create single part drawings of this kind of plate. how to get unfolded length of this plate for fabrication (10.3 KB) (10.3 KB)

I don’t know how to export to tekla, tekla has a grasshopper link.
This is a way to get an extruded plate: (10.4 KB)
Would the curve length suffice as the unfolded length?

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this might be ok


Hi, can you please send me grasshopper file of this and Is it possible to create single part drawing of this kind of plate in tekla. Because I need exact length of this plate (before folding).

This looks to be the script from what I can see, you will need to replace the tekla component with whichever tekla version you are running as they are different for each release. (17.6 KB)

As for the drawings, I’m not as familar with tekla as my main job only involves exporting to tekla.


After using this script. When this steel plate came into the tekla. Plate bottom points coordinate are not coming as per the coordinate given in script. because this plate top & bottom radius is different. Plate top coordinates are not perpendicular to bottom coordinate. may be beam component not support this type of shape

Any Idea idea about it.

Tekla does have a bent plate link component, although I haven’t used it before. It requires information like bend radius and the two edges on either side of the plate.

hi @krar

most of the coordinates point dont form a planar surface hence joint wont be much perfec t as you expected to be
and some of the plate size is only 5mm width 100 mm thick
unless we dont know what r u up to cant figure it out how to construct it
u can see the image for the another way of script
in this method u can join plates by weld this option left so far now