Perp lines on pattern geo

Hello guys. Im having a small issue with a lunchbox pattern applyed on a curved surface. I am trying to to create a SDL line perpendicular to the vertices but it happens that each face has a different normal since its a curved surface.

Does anyone know how to make the overlapping vertices create lines on the same direction at the same time all of them going sort of perpendicular to the surface? Right now im only getting them to so all the same direction but at some point of the surface the result if not good anymore because they start to be paralled to the curved surface.

There is an image attached to show what is happening.

Thanks in advance


If you need vertex or face normals use meshes instead: (22.6 KB)

Thanks for the repply Petras.

This seems a great option.

I just wonder if a can loft these perp lines since there is only one in each vertice. Like if I was extruding each face of the surface if you know what I mean. I attached an image showing what I have now only in one direction.

For curved surfaces you can only offset mesh.

The question is if you need planar cases. If you need planar ones only conical meshes are geometrically planar after extrusion:

Or you want pyramids but in that cases cells will not touch side by side

Or if you do not care about planarity just want individual cells

(upload:// (19.5 KB)

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