Perforated surface some issues

Hi all,
Maybe someone can help me.
I’m trying to make a perforated surface. The definition which I made is almost ready but im struggling with two issues.

  1. I don’t know why the perforation is not covering the whole surface?
  2. When I’m enabling the split difference component the performance is getting so bad that I can’t bake anything.

I would be very grateful for any help.


perforated_sheet.3dm (280.8 KB)

Rhino file but not the other thing eh?

Anyway … the fastest way to do stuff like this is to work with curves on plane XY, use the Boundary on all of them and then morph map the resulting brep to your surface. That last step is not fast but at least the whole procedure is way faster than the classic one.

Find a couple of minutes for a very simple demo on that matter (you can use points or curves or something else as attractors for some var radii effect [push/pull] or use random points etc etc). (155.3 KB)

Up to the map a flat sheet to a curvy sheet phase response is OK and as I said is the fastest way by far to do a job like this.

But here’s come the pain: if you attempt to enable the last thing (C# since thicken at once (both sides) isn’t available as native stuff) … then you’ll realise why Rhino is just a surface modeller.

In plane English: takes days/weeks/months/years to finish (may the Force be with you).