Per-face color not working in V8 WIP

I can’t seem to set a per-face color in the WIP by, for example, Ctrl+Shift+pick a surface of a cube, then assign it a different color via the Properties color drop-down… Works in V7 here.

Hi Mitch -
That seems to work fine, here:

I see that deselecting and then reselecting that surface wrongly reports “By Layer”, but the color is still correct. → RH-70057 Properties: Assigning sub-object display color resets to “By Layer”


Which version of the WIP are you on?

Yeah, works for me too. So does the TestSetPerFaceColor command.

Sorry, my bad, looks like I forgot to set UseExtrusions to Polysurfaces in the WIP, so I was trying it on an extrusion object… Which IMO should be made to work however - it should automatically convert the extrusion to a polysurface if the user sets a per-face color.

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We’ve that one on the list as RH-64140 Display: Perface color cannot be assigned to Extrusion