Penrose tiling with blocks and Grasshopper


I would like to arrange Penrose tilings with block-objects by Grasshopper. The two tiles should be blocks and the arrangement should be built by Grasshopper, using the rules for Penrose-tilings. ( ). Later I would like to make little changes on the tiles and the whole arrangement should be changed automatically too.

To make it not so complicated, I thought about three steps, to reach my goal.

  1. in a first step I want that Grasshopper fills a defined area (maybe 1 m²) with the two tiles in a default way and without producing holes.

  2. in a second step I want to use more than two tiles. For example 4 Tiles - two tiles of the small rhombus and two tiles of the big rhombus, but every one in another color.

  3. in a third step I want to control the combination of the tiles by their edges (or tips).

I think the plugin Elefront is helpful here.

The problem is: I can handle Rhino, but I have absolutely no experience in Grasshopper. So - it would be nice if somebody could give me an assessment, if that project has a chance to be realized and wether it is difficult or easy to realize it.

Maybe somebody experienced in Grasshopper could also show me a way to realize it.



Hello. A quick search on gh3d brought many results.

A quick search on food4rhino brought up one plugin.

This might also be possible with Paneling Tools, but I’m not sure. Maybe @rajaa can comment further.

Hello fraguada. Thanks for your interest. I still tried the plugin. It works, but it does not use blocks. Thats important for me. Also it´s a plugin - but for me a solution in grasshopper would be much better because later I could easily make little changes in the system.
In this moment I found this: . Maybe this helps me to understand how to build a solution in grasshopper…

PanelingTools does not resolve tiling. It mostly handles patterns that can be distributed on rectangular grids. Penrose tiling can probably using some packing algorithms, but it is beyond the scope of PT.