Pdf printer stopped working

My pdf printer (PDF Creator 1.7.1) stopped working after SR7 (most recent) update.
It shows screen for printing , pressing OK initiates another menu for file directory but no file is saved.

Hi Piotr- Hmm- so far this works here. (CutePDF). You re clicking on Print, then do you see a little preview window while the thing is processed, then the File Save dialog from the driver, correct? And that is not saving the file in the specified location?


Hi Pascal
False alarm. It didn’t work yesterday but after going to bed it is working again. No clue what has happened.
Anyway, thanks for your response.
I tried yesterday to solve the problem by restarting my laptop but it didn’t help. Maybe machines also need longer rest time :wink:

I am having this problem, persisting.
I was using Adobe pdf which now is not even shown an option in my printer list since the last update. If I use the option that just says PDF, the print takes forever, and often crashes Rhino.
I desperately need to print my drawings, so help on this asap would be great

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apologies for the slow response.

So the pdf printer is now working quicker, but its printing viewports at a very low res. while the Adobe printer is taking forever.

My files are privacy sensitive so could you give me an email address that I could send them to?