Pdf print lineweight minimum width 0.042mm

Hi all,

I have no trouble creating pdf files (Print Layout) with lineweights and line colours as desired.

However, I have noticed that for lineweights specified to be smaller/thinner than 0.05mm, the resulting lineweight is always exactly 0.042mm.

I print with Adobe PDF (also tried CutePDF) from Rhino5.

Any hints?

Thanks, Christopher

Hi Christopher - do you mean that Rhino resets the number you type, below .042, or that the number is what you say in Rhino but the printed thickness is never less than .042?


Hi Pascal, thanks for picking this one up.

I can set the lineweight successfully to below .042 (e.g. 0.01) - it is displayed correctly, and when I export the geometry to .dwg or .ai the lineweight shows correctly in Illustrator.
However, if I print the layout to .pdf and then measure lineweights of the printed results, all lineweights are still correct (minor deviations, e.g. .13 becomes .127) except for the ones set to .05 and below.
All of them turn out to be .042.

Have you heard of this before?
Thanks, Christopher

Hi Christopher - how are you measuring the line widths in the pdf?


Hi Pascal, I embed the file in Illustrator and it then shows me the lineweight of each object in the “stroke” window.
Regards, Christopher

Hi Christopher - I am pretty stupid about Illustrator but I cannot get the thing to show me anything but points for line weight… .099 for my .035 line from Rhino.


all my units are set to mm,
here is an overview of what happens:

Rhino output:

translates to AI: