Pdf import, black background and brown text&drawings

What is wrong with this pdf imported?
It should be with white background and black text and color drawings…

pdf problem

Acrobat opens it normally.
Also other pdf opens normally.
Tried R6 and R7.

Thanks :slight_smile:


dear @Wagner - please post the .pdf file.
some guesses:
is the pdf in RGB or CMYK color space ? what is the source of the pdf ?
did you try to open the pdf in Adobe Illustrator or Affinite Designer and check if there is unusual Clipping or save it as dxf / svg ?.. kind regards - Tom

Thank you trying to helping me.
uploaded it to tech@mcneel.com.

Did you ever figure out a solution for this? Currently having the same issue where PDFs are coming in with their colors inverted (Black becomes white, and white becomes black).

Hi -

Can you post or upload the PDF file?