BUG: PDF opens with wrong colors and text size

Hi guys,
@tim? or @John_Brock?
I am working on a Logo for a customer and want to finetune the curves in Rhino (since Illustrator is horrible at getting good curves :wink: )

But to my surprice Rhino 6 can’t get neither the font size nor the colors right.
Here is the Illustrator color:

And this is the Rhino color:

Rhino seems to take a whole lot of creative freedom when reading this PDF, do you know why?
It obviously shouldn’t happen.

Oh, and the color is defined as an RGB color in Illustrator, not a CMYK, so there shouldn’t be a need for any conversion issues as far as I can tell.

Here is the PDF if you want to take a look.
BFR LOGO utkast A.pdf (13.9 KB)

It is printed from Illustrator with the default PDF settings. (I use Print and not Save As since I have multipe artboards in illustrator) And the PDF looks just like Illustrator. (In case you wonder, so you don’t have to ask those questions :wink: )

Hi Jorgen - I see that - the text is not only sized differently but spacing is different as well


RH-61965 Open PDF: text size and colors off.


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