PDF file read error

I am using MacBook Pro, when i try to start a new project and try to open a Pdf file there is an error. How can i fix this? If you can help me i’ll be appreciated.

PDF files can contain raster and vector data.
Vectors can be imported as curves.
Raster data can’t.

My guess is your PDF only has raster data in it so it is useless from a curve creation point of view.

But that’s just a guess since you didn’t post the PDF file.


As mentioned by John - if file contains raster - this can cause problems.
There is a number of Software that help to edit PDF at first to remove raster objects. Then you can try to open it in Rhino.

Another issue - is the protected PDF.

I had such an issue for some time too, yet I thought the deal was with Rhino optimization for old Mac devices (I had Pro 2013). Then I tried to edit the file with this tool edit-pdf.pdffiller.com paid for a monthly subscription once. And guess what, that file was converted from TIFF, certainly. You should check your files (or file) as well