Pave Layout Help


Hello All,

I am attempting to create a Pave Diamond Layout on a complicated surface.

Can anyone recommend how to go about this without making an expensive plug-in purchase?

Thanks in advance!



If possible post your file so we can take a look at your surface.

All my best … Danny


Thanks Danny… will do.
This is my first time :wink: How do I post my file?


David Alan Pave Layout Help.3dm (5.0 MB)

Got it!



I just checked out your drawing and find that there is so much going on in it there is nothing I can ask rhino to do. Flow along surface might just work but there are surface parts everywhere.

You need to make your outer surface a complete surface. Once you do this it will give you something to play with. You can have another drawing that is just your surface and the diamond point.

If you decide to do this post the new drawing and show where you want the pave pattern.

Regards … Danny

I used flow along surface on the attached .jpg


Go old school. Lay it out by eye using this free tool in one quadrant and side. Then use quadsymmetry and mirror to distribute.

I find this much quicker in most cases than using my plugins which generally only really work well with planar objects. HTH