Checkerboard pattern with a grid splitted geometry

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I have a question, how do I select a checkerboard pattern(every other one) with the following splitted surfaces? I have a surface and I splitted the surface with an rectangular grid. Now, I want to be able to select every other surface, however, I realized that the surfaces are out of order, how do I fix the list? and How to do this when the pattern changes?(by change I mean I want to rotate the pattern based on the point tangent on the curve, there is a point on curve component that I want to use to control the rotation of the pattern)
Thank you so muchslab division (22.8 KB)

You could surely use 4 colors theory. 2 colors for a checkboard

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Hi Laurent, thank you for your answer, however, I want to select every other one instead of a random pattern. Any idea how to do that?

Kangaroo has a Checkerboard component that works on meshes, Perhaps if you’re stuck you could convert your surface to a mesh? Not sure if you can easily keep the mesh faces the same as the surface divisions though?

Laurent solution works fine…

Anyway, you created a grid of rectangles, but then you flattened that! You lose information doing that!
If, instead, you use that ordered tree of rectangles…

slab division (22.6 KB)


WOW thank you, I guess I just dont know enough about the four colors theory