Pattern and diamond grid

Hi everyone! i’m tryig to code the pattern i’ve marked in yellow into grasshopper. and i also want to draw this pattern onto a diamond grid. there are no diamond grid selections in the grid tab and i also don’t know how to replicate the pattern. i’d really like some help! (also i’m fairly new to grasshopper so pls be kind :smile: ) (9.4 KB)


thanks! i tried to open this but boundary surfaces command turned orange? what do you think the problem is?

I can tell from your image that Offset Curve failed to produce any output. The code works for me but click the small orange box at the top-right of Boundary to see the error:

  1. Input parameter E failed to collect data

Odd that I don’t see that small box on your screen shot? “R6 Educational Lab License”?
Wait, that doesn’t even look like @HS_Kim’s code? I guess you re-arranged it to avoid overlapped components using ‘Display | Draw Full Names’?

yes, i did rearrange it but it was still orange the first time i opened the code. the error box says “planar surface routine returned no results” what does this mean?

The problem is not the orange Boundary component, it’s the Offset Curve component before it that fails first. Have you examined the outputs of earlier components?

I’m using R7, it might be an R6 anomaly?

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