Pattern along Curve direction

Hello! i am learning grasshopper and here to get more knowlage of solving grasshopper problems and find the best logical way of thinking of it, currently,i am trying to rotate these circles to be along to the curve direction so i tried to find the vector between the startpoint of the curve and end of it and connected it to rotate direction and it worked only in cases when i had five circles at every startpoint but when i tried to rotate many circles didnt work as expected it just duplicated it twice parallel and perpendicular as shown in the last picture picture . I tried also Oriant direction Node and Rotate axis and didnt work as well. i am looking for to find out what was wrong in this method and how its possible to get these circles parallel to these curves not perpendicular on it regaldless of curve direction.

very appriacted for any hint to think about this issue ! (22.9 KB)

Hallo Joseph, i am new in the forum so sorry for skipping these instructions, i will pay attension to these notice next times. I tried alot since yesterday solving this issue and found the soultion by using Oriant direction node i attacted it just in case it might be helpful for others.


You missed #3 on that page and deprived yourself of other possible solutions:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

P.S. I see that you added a GH file to your original post.


That was a mistake, i forgot to replace the walls with a normal surfaces on grasshopper, because i was working on Archicad live connection for grasshopper for this reason it was missed .

Thanks for letting me know ,so i will be more aware about it next time.

Thanks Joseph for giving time for this. i will clean the file and uploade it again just, it might be that someone find another solution of this , I still have a quesion about if triming the circles outside of the boundry of each surface, but not sure if this should be in a new topic or here

thank you so much joseph for this solution I really appreciate it, just I would like to ask why you used entwine and the Path shift?