Patch failing to make flat surfaces

Hey, for quite a while now patch no longer creates simple flat surfaces for me… and I got no clue what went wrong. I figured I might make a post about it. as you can see on the first image a very simple square shape still does not want to line up where it should. If I up the UV spans the shape goes completely unhinged as you can see on the 2nd image. It has been doing this for a long time in many differnt projects… what am I doing wrong?


see if unchecking the ‘adjust tangency’ solves your issue. Apart from that, patch isn’t the first choice for making surfaces. If your selection of curves is planar, better use _PlanarSrf

adjust tangency does not solve it no, I have played around a lot with all those settings there and didn’t see a fix. Thanks for the planarsrf tip though! that seems to work a lot better

Hello- Is the input very far from the world origin? Can you post a file with an object that shows the problem with Patch?


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