Patch Command Help

Hello, so I am having trouble with the patch command (please refer to pictures below). Why does my patch command keep doing what it is doing in picture? I have others similar to it but they work well with patch but others do not. All curves are closed, I have tried messing with the U and V spans and stiffness but nothing works. Any idea why and how to fix it?

Hello - this seems to be a well defined, four sided shape that could be made with say a NetworkSrf - why do you want to use Patch?
(Patch is messy because it starts from a calculated best-fit plane from the inputs, and in this case that plane is not oriented, and cannot be, in a way that makes sense with a set of curves that doubles back on itself like this,)


I’m not very familiar with Rhino and use what I know, but thank you for the advice! It has worked and you taught me something new! Thanks again!