Partially flattened perspective view

Hi! I would like to make a kind of optical illusion where I would flatten partially a Rhino model I have and then 3d print it, the result being a 3d model that looks right from one angle but seen from another is deformed. Like the model was caught in the middle of a make2d command, being only partialy flattened.

Is there a tool to deform the model taking into consideration the perspective? basicaly the taper command but I need to take into consideration my camera view so that the model is skewed right.

Any ideas? Thank you!

A CageEdit, in the right directions and the right amount–that’s up to you–would I suppose do the trick.

you can split the parts you want to flatten and use project to cplane after you have set the cplane to view and extrude partially. anyway some manual crafts might be inevitable. downside is that its a parallel projection. if you want a perspective projection you have to use a python script for example you might have to outline the curves first, then extrude the parts you need from the resulting projection.

here the script, made by @pascal (3.5 KB)

Thanks Jim, I think the cage edit might work. After a few tries I almost got it to work, it’s just that I have to start with a cage that is non-ortagonal… (Skewed to match the lens of my camera).

Thanks! Possibly thats where I’ll end up if I can’t get the cage to work. Thanks also for the script.