ParaSolid X_T

Any chance there is a way to open or import a Parasolid X_T file in Rhino?

This is the only way I know of…

I don’t personally have the plugin here. Last I heard, the reason Rhino can export XT but not import it is that it costs a lot in licensing to import it.

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That’s what I was afraid. I got a download of a MasterVolt Lithium battery in XT while all their older products are available as very nice igs files. I guess they figure if you can afford a Lithium batt you can afford the high price software to open their model. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot personally…

Thanks Brian.

I think CadExchanger is free for the GUI evaluation version. When you install it looks like you might need to register but you don’t, the program should just work.




Thanks so much! I had downloaded something called SolidView that was HUGE and then didn't let me export and was a waste of time. CadEx is perfect you are the man. Saved the day...