Feature request: Import Parasolid x_t files in Rhino

Is there any chance to make Rhino read Parasolid x_t files any time soon? I often receive CAD models of various components saved in that file format by manufacturers of car components and it’s funny that I have to ask them every time to send a STEP version instead. Looks like x_t is a pretty popular file format in the industry. Rhino already can export into x_t format, so the basic code should be familiar to the Rhino programmers, but why it’s not capable to read it? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not - that is a format for which, as I recall, you need a special licensed toolkit. The demand is no where near enough to cover the very considerable costs there, is my understanding…


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There are 3rd party plug-ins available for this:

– Dale

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Wow, I didn’t knew that you have to pay to be able to export to other file formats such like x_t. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that one of those paid Parasolid to Rhino import plug-ins costs more than the entire Rhino itself, at 1200 euros! I guess I will keep asking my customers to simply send me STEP files instead. :slight_smile: