Parasolid *.x_t import?

Is Rhino 7 going to have an import option for ParaSolid *.X_T files? I have seen the Datakit plugin, but I do not come across them that often.

I don’t know if it will be available natively in Rhino 7. But i can confirm that the Parasolid import will still be available in Datakit plug-ins for Rhino 7.

Hi Kevin - no that is not changing in Rhino 7.


I seem to have issues that when I save to x_t that my coworkers using solidworks say that the model gives them errors and they are not able to use my file if they need to edit anything on it. I have saved the parameters for solidworks but they still have issues. Have you ever had problems with this?

You have this problem when using Datakit plug-ins?

no, just when I save directly from Rhino into x_t. I wanted to know if the plugin has had this issue for other users. Is there a version to import and export parasolids without buying the entire package? The only parasolid version I saw was for export only.

That’s true. We wrote that Parasolid exporter years ago ourselves.

As the message from @wim above quoting Margaret Becker, including an X_T Importer would have been very expensive.

Hi John, all,

I already reporter on the Parasolid exported that comes with Rhino being completely broken. Many times, many years ago.

in my opinion, the sensible thing to do here is either fixing it, or removing it. The current scenario is setting up people for failure.

Is there a specific reason you still keep it around?

Re: exporter. The best option is a subscription of Fusion360. And use that to import (and also export), then exchange between F360-Rhino via .step or .3dm. A lot of other formats too for that same price, including a built-in rudimentary modeling toolset.


Is the old Parasolid export plug-in being “broken” something you’re aware of?

A little useless trivia:
We had a summer intern some years ago named Seth that wrote most of the Parasolid exporter.

It’s on the pile.
Hopefully a developer will contact you for details:

I’ll withhold my feedback until the Step import-export as assembly<>layers is completed. You know, just to keep your devs focused.



Don’t worry too much about that. I see a bunch of Parasolid issues that are on the pile - none are visible to the public, though. Fixing these will require a full re-write of the exporter and that project has been - and is - on the Future list. With John’s public YT report pointing to this thread, you can safely add your comments here. You know, just in case Future happens.

@felix’s suggestion of using DataKit’s plug-in is a good one.

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