Parametrical facade paneling, perforated facades

Hello, grasshopper community.
I would like to ask you if someone worked with parametrical facades (metal panels), perforated facades (also metal), could you please advise me on some good plugins for grasshopper?
I am trying to create a parametrical perforated facade, and I need some advice.
I’ve created a facade and perforated it with circles. The script is working, but when I try to use the boundary surface, it doesn’t work. Even if I bake the geometry and try to make boundary surfaces for each of the panels, it works, but in the end, I got a huge file (around 16gb).
I want to create boundary mesh directly from the curves, but if I create a mesh, I don’t have perforations.
Please help me.
I need this Because I want to create a high-quality pdf file of this facade, using the print command.
Thank you in advance.

That a lot of issues.

What about the parametric façade perforations is actually parametric? These are going to be graphically intensive and best done post parametric façade surface creation. A point would probably suffice vs a circle.

Are these planar panels?

Thank you for the reply. Yes, they are planar.

I will create a pattern similar to my pattern but in low scale, as my script calculating 30 minuts

The final output being just a pdf? What is considered high quality pdf (dpi)? Is this one view of the entire façade or multiple views at various distances?

Only 1 view from 1 distance.

What is the perforation size and spacing? One size?

I mean, for me this job done is not so important, as I want to understand, how I can create the boundary surface but mesh, not nurbs. Because I want to decrease of size of my 3Dm file. Because it’s freezes.

Parametric Planar panels shouldn’t be a huge issue, the perforations won’t be either if you post process those and consider your resolution – really depends on what you are doing with the perf tho. (8.4 KB) this is the sample of my script, but there is a reduced count of panels and circles. I want to create a boundary mesh. Because it’s freezing when I try to use the boundary surface for my huge facade.
Can you help me please?

nothing too out of the ordinary there, with the resolution you can easily get away with using squares instead of circles. The mesh process doesn’t seem like the way to go. Better yet, take an image and apply as a map with an alpha channel and use raster output to the pdf.