Parametric Brick Facade "Breathing Screen", Pakistan

“Brick Screen” (2023)
Parametric Brick Façade
Academic Block, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi
Muhammad Talha Muftee (Ghent University/COMSATS University Lahore)
Shaikh Abdul Basit (Fun-e-Tameer)


The Brick Screen is a large scale parametric brick facade designed and constructed as a facade renovation project for the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. This project sets a precedent for parametric design in Pakistan due to its scale and complexity. By using Grasshopper, the architects were able to bridge local construction techniques, digital drawing tools, local materials with performative and expressive qualities to explore brick tectonics.

The initial parameters consist of natural lighting and ventilation requirements processed through multiple stages of digital painting. Image sampling within Grasshopper was essential in converting variables to articulation data for brick assemblies. Image sampling also allowed for embedding other images such as the council’s logo and a portrait to famous Pakistani painter Sadequain, without compromising performance. Two separate scripts were developed within Grasshopper, the first to develop the brick patterns while the latter was developed as a procedural drawing tool. The open ended workflow of Rhino and Grasshopper meant that architects were able to produce drawings with annotations and color coding which were easily readable and in line with existing masonry techniques. With procedural drawing script, several plugins were used to control the resolution to a reasonable degree and remove any noise. This led to a quick and efficient construction process with no perceivable errors. The architects’ primary motivation was to set a precedent within Pakistan where construction techniques can be augmented with computational design to create new regional forms which are more environmentally responsive while celebrating the local crafts that have existed.

Conference paper with more details: OCERINT PAPER Template


Amazing to see Grasshopper parametric definitions being built! thanks for sharing @Muhammad_Talha_Mufte!

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lovely work. I am sure the process was a great experience for everyone involved!

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