Parametric boolean pattern , to make cull pattern

Hi I want to make a cull pattern which is according to a number slider. Does anyone know how to do this? it is explained in Picture below. First I want True as many times at the value of the integrer on the number slider divided by 2. After that I want False as many times as the value of the inegrer on the number slider divided by 2 minus 1.

Attached are a couple of options, one using a python script. (10.6 KB)

And another thing, is is possible to Select one cull pattern if the number slider is a odd number and another cull pattern if it is a even numder than another cull pattern. And this cull pattern is needed in the middel of a GH code. PS if it need coding, i know a bit C#

You could do something like this (see below and attached). If you double click the python component you will see the script. If you know C# you should be able to follow it and convert it if you wish. (8.5 KB)