Cull pattern based on even or odd number

is possible to Select one cull pattern if the number slider is a odd number and another cull pattern if it is a even numder than another cull pattern. And this cull pattern is needed in the middel of a GH code. PS if it need coding, i know a bit C#

in python the code you need is

if n%2:
    out = cull1
    out = cull2

where n is the slider value

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You have an integer slider and if that slider outputs an even number you want to get one specific list of booleans, and if the slider outputs an odd number you want a different list of booleans? Are these lists predefined or do you want to compute a different one based on odd/evenness?

“Like” this? (10.5 KB)

Peter’s way works great.
Hanne, here is an alternative using modulus and stream filter.