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I was looking into param viewer to understand the data tree. I just set a random branches manually and tried to draw a tree myself if I understood clear.

Could someone suggest me the best way to understand?

I am aware that creating data tree manually is not a thing in reality. I just set those to understand data tree in Param viewer.
Param (24.9 KB)

And Is this red line and orange dot (together) represent the list of branch?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@magicteddy or @Joseph_Oster
May be you could suggest me something here ? :slight_smile:

I don’t use the Param Viewer. I prefer these tools I wrote myself:

P.S. I frequently use temporary text panels to examine data trees.

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In fact is the Art of Pointless.

However if you could code (obviously not the case) I could provide lot’s of things related with learning Trees like this one that (a) does rnd Trees (plus finds fathers/childs etc etc) and (b) creates a pointless Graph exactly as the viewer does (red: paths with no items, green: paths with items).

Tip: try to get the gist of DataTrees (“kinda” a Dictionary of Lists - add some " " more) with other far more productive ways

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I don’t use the Param Viewer as well, usually I control the data structure from Panels.
But I would agree the red line represents the branch content itself (item ot list).

I would rather draw your second case as follow. It’s strange Param Viewer collapses the {0} and {1} branch at the trunk.


Don’t overthink data trees, they are just a way to cluster your data. Each depth level should correspond to an intelligent division of your project - each facade of a building, then each level of each facade, then each column of each level, then…

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