Parakeet Maze: How should these components be connected?


I tried to reproduce the Parakreet maze example: (12.4 MB)

The resulting mesh has already been pre-saved in the example. There is written that “Fattener + Catmalcrark Subdivision” needs to be added to let it work. I tried it, but think I connected the components wrongly. How should the script look like?


Why don’t you use the MultiPipe component instead, which works with lines. The Fatten one is its precursor and expects points as input.

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Interesting! How can I close and round off the pipes?

The MultiPipe component usually has a cap option that you can set to 1 for rounded end caps.
What version of Rhino are you using?

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Do I use a wrong MultiPipe component? Rhino 7.

Probably not, no. There’s only one. I’m using Rhino 7.23.

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I’ll try to figure out what’s the problem. Thank you!