Panneling tools for making not following the surface

I tryed to repeat a triangle with panneling tools, but couldn’t get the geometry following the surface properly… i wish to do the same in all 3 surfaces and try to match them at the joints. (17.6 KB) marina dome.3dm (10.1 MB)

A continuation of this thread:


I don’t have Paneling Tools installed but have been playing with SrfMorph in another thread and it seems appropriate here? Geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file. (18.2 KB)

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thanks man, is there a way i can mantain the weight of the triangle along the surface? I am trying to make it along a big surface, but it keeps getting distorted. (83.3 KB)

The way I’ve used SrfMorph is basically oriented to isocurves so maybe isn’t well-suited to triangular surfaces and other “peculiar” shapes.

that’s why i was using the panneling tools, because it has the option to mantain weight… this solution you gave its almost there, but it distort the triangle instead of just repeating it.

It’s called “morph” for a reason. It fits your shape to the UV domain subdivision and conforms to the surface, which is pretty special.

I vaguely recall doing a complex divide domain on this (or the old) forum, where as the V rows got shorter it would divide U differently, to place fewer copies (U divisions) on shorter rows.

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The key is not to use UV to split. Everyone starts with UV because it seems the easiest and other tools are limited to only using UV. But very often UV spacing is not accurate enough to engineer a solution. Here is the thread on this and a way out of the problem:

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thanks for the tip, but the thing is: besides the dividing the surface, or creating the grid, the triangle is not following the surface while not disforming. It get distorted and to be build it makes it almost impossible. What i want is to have the triangle (geometry) is not being properly repeated in a regular way.