Panels reposition after shrinking the Rhino window

When I have two panels above each other docked at the side of the rhino window, shrinking and then maximizing the window brings the panels beside each other, consuming viewport.
That did not happen before.
What has happened?

Hi Erik - were previous tests using the GH panel as well?


Yes, it is my standard layout.

I see - I don’t know, if it used to work and no longer does, I am as mystifed as you are - I suppose just how much or how big the difference is between full screen and minimized may make a difference but I do not think anytghing has changed in Rhino that would account for that - at least I am not aware of any. For what it is worth, all of this docking stuff is being re-vamped in V8.


Thanks for looking into this.
The only thing that happened for the first time was that I tested the one view command. But if that has anything to do with this, I have no idea.
Luckily I have a large screen.