Panel layout breakdown - again

Just opened R7 peacefully, and here we go: the panel layout is broken again. Really…???
Panels that were stacked on top of each other are suddenly side-by-side.

This is how it’s supposed to look (after sorting it again), and how it looked the last time I closed Rhino.

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Hi Eugen - if you are using multiple monitors, try digging into the Windows Settings and changing the order - in at least one case this reset things in a way that Rhino was able to record the correct screen coordinates. It may not even matter what the order is changed to, if you have three monitors, it seems the change itself may be enough. Worth a try at least.


Thanks, Pascal! I have just one monitor here.

hm… well, really a shot in the dark this time, but changing say the display resolution setting in Windows and then setting it back again to how you like it might provide a similar ‘kick’.