Paneling Tools in RhinoWIP?

Continuing the discussion from Rhino ITunes App:

PanelingTools should be in the RhinoWIP. None of the pt commands work?

What RhinoWIP build are you using? You can see this version number on the splash screen when you first start Rhino (it should look like 5B148w or similar). You can get the latest RhinoWIP here. Make sure you have validated your license too.

Perhaps I’m wrong and these are the paneling tool commands?

I was expecting these

You are not wrong. The paneling tools in the RhinoWIP are not present in the toolbars. They are prefixed with pt and ought to autocomplete.

Ok, rhino whip didn’t appear in my applications as seperate icon I assumed it was just pace able through the rhino I con as a result.

After going to applications through the finder there was I seperate I con for rhino whip I have opened the whip icon and the commands do appear.

I’ve saved the whip to my doc

Thanks for your time.

Yep, it’s always good to have both in the Dock…that’s what I do…

WIP it, WIP it good.