Paneling of blocks given a rectangular area


I’m wondering if Rhino or Grasshopper might have a way to take arbitrary blocks and position them randomly as to get a best fit (if possible) within a rectangular area.

As an example, you’ll see that there are four blocks of different dimensions which I’ve manually organized to fit into a rectangular area to demonstrate the concept:

Paneling tools seems to not handle this particular case, and my search attempts haven’t been successful so far.

So is this possible, or this this something that might require some intervention with python?

Thanks for any insight!

P.S. - Shout out to @theoutside for the greeble video, where I learned about the SplitFace command.

you are looking for a “nesting” or “packing” solution… many CAM programs have this-

check out this one (or many others on

glad you liked the video!

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Thanks for the hint down towards the path! Definitely a case of “I don’t know what I don’t know”, since I didn’t know until now what the proper word(s) were to describe what I wanted.