Painting frame

hello!!! I don’t know hoiw to do a painting frame, like the picture linked… I mean, all the one rail, or extrude, doesn’t at all give the same result… Thank you for help!!!

well, the link doesn’t seems to work…maybe that one?

you want to make something like that?

its pretty simple if i understood you correct, just using sweep1, it can be a bit tricky if you do the whole frame at once but if the profile is not too big in relation to the curvature of the frame then its ok depends also where you place the profile. i placed it on the inside of the fame and it worked without having to sweep parts and joining them together. but in case the sweep fails you have to make those segments between the kinks manually.

so just draw your frame in top view then draw the profile in the front view and align it like on the picture then use sweep1