Basic Sweep1 question

I’m trying to model a basic fixed window by sweeping the window frame geometry around a rectangle (Sweep1). I would like to use one rectangle to sweep 4 curves that makeup the window frame profile, but it seems it won’t work on multiple curves at once. Even more, it seems that it only works if the rail curve is touching one of the profile curves.

Is there a way around this such that I can draw a rectangle the size of the window and then sweep the profiles in one operation?

Have you tried to extrude the profile curve to make the vertical ones , then make your horizontal extrusions. At the intersections you could split with a surface fairly quickly. It is slow, but gets you there.—-Mark

Hello- no, not that I know of, in one go. A trick that may save a bit of time is to Shear all the curves at once to 45 degrees and place a copy at each corner, then Loft >Straight sections. Pff, you still need to loft one set at a time so not much help there.

Grasshopper will do it from the sheared curves:

Note the curve list is grafted so the sweep treats them each as one input to a single sweep


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