Paintbrush bristle fraying in Grasshopper

Hello All,

I’m totally new to Grasshopper and I’m trying to create paintbrush with bristles similar to the ones below.

I’ve included my grasshopper files and a screenshot (currently modelled with few, thick bristles so it’s quicker to work on) but I’m essentially trying to replicate that slight fraying and natural look of the bristles, mine are just so uncomfortably straight!

If anyone has any suggestions for how I might be able to do this it would be greatly appreciated! Also feel free to critique my grasshopper process if there’s a much better way!

Thanks again! (9.1 KB)
bristles.3dm (63.8 KB)

Here’s a go at this: (16.9 KB)

It makes some nurbs curves and randomly displaces their control points by an increasing amount further from the base.
It gets pretty heavy for rendering. I think baking just the curves and using the ‘Curve Piping’ option under Render>Effects in Rhino should help a bit though.