Brooms uneven bristles

Hello, What are the available options of doing brooms bristles unevenly. When I look at the broom in my house ,it’s not really as neat as what I might see in ads and pictures. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks! Kiarash

hi, you can make a height field surface from a noise image to split the broom

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Ah yes, height map would be nice.

I did a quick GH if you are looking to get the actual bristles of different length. Perhaps not the best approach, but one of many.

QuickBroom.3dm (2.3 MB) (24.0 KB)


Thanks Diego, I guess I’ve gone too far. How can I make noise image? Is it by using Grasshopper or a different approach?

Hi JesterKing, So basically what you mean is that there is no other option than using Grasshopper. Is it right?

There are other options, like doing it manually. But that sounds too tedious to me.

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I feel the same about it! thanks anyways JesterKing. Really helpful. Will give it a try