Packaging Design

I use for Rhino to create packaging design concepts. I have used other programs in the past, but when I switched over to Rhino a couple of years ago, it has enabled me to produce more designs in less amount of time and is a pleasure to use. Here are some recent examples, created with Rhino and rendered in Keyshot.


Nice work!

Looking at keyshot rendering remember me why I prefer V-Ray :wink:

That’s funny, because I’d like to switch from Keyshot and have been looking at V-Ray. I’m waiting for the next paid update of Keyshot to see if I can use that as a reason to make the change.

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Indeed your work it’s absolutely great.

These are really great renders! I already use VRay and I am thinking of learning Keyshot too. How easy is it to use and the interface? Thanks!


Keyshot is, on one hand, very easy to use for basic renderings, if you use the supplied materials. On the other hand, when you need to do a lot of custom mapping or textures, I find it starts getting clunky and hard to use. I’ve run across some odd things, the tool for positioning cylindrical mapping has never worked for me, Keyshot support hasn’t been able to help me. The textures and models sometimes get confused I’ve had geometry get swapped in a scene.

The main reason I’m looking at V-Ray is I want to be able to stay within Rhino to add textures, set-up the scenes and render. I don’t think it’s a very good workflow for Rhino. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out and learn it, but I think if you had the choice, you’d find yourself going back to V-Ray.

Very very nice work it seems that you are pretty much a master of design in Rhino, the renderings are great and I am sure your customers love what you supply them. Thank you for posting all of this to encourage we that are still on the back side of the learning curve.

All my best … Danny

Thanks, Danny. I have to say, though, that I’m only a humble Rhino student. I’ve much to learn and am always finding out about features, functions that I didn’t know existed and better ways of doing things. There is so much to learn with Rhino and when you start adding in various plug-ins and add-ons (like Grasshopper) that extend its capabilities and you have a never ending, constantly evolving learning path. So much to learn, so little time!

Superb work, congratulations !