Package Design, looking for freelance help

I posted for this about a year ago, maybe more. At that time, there were more requirements, but the need has changed slightly. The company I work for is looking for some help with packaging design projects. A rhino user with experience in packaging design, including thermoforming would be ideal. Most projects involve modeling thermoformed components, such as clamshells, food containers, etc.

We don’t need an exert level of thermoforming knowledge, as the projects don’t require being modeled to a production-ready level. The modeling is done as conceptional work only, but is done so to be as realistic as possible. Knowledge of draft and other thermoforming requirements need to be incorporated into the models. Final rendering of the models would be completed by us. We are looking for someone who could handle overflow projects, as we are currently short staffed. See my “Package Design” topic in the Gallery section of the forum, to get an idea of the type of projects that we do. Packaging Design

If you have some experience in this type of work and are interested, please message me through the forum.


Thought your name sounded familiar so I went to the link. Great work there and your presentation renders are just the ticket. I do a fair bit of rendering in my work and was disappointed to read in your last post that the final rendering would be handled by your staff but looking again at the work I understand. I might be interested in your needs, please send me a PM to discuss.


I’ll message you, but I also thought I’d clarify in a response here, so others can see it. The last time I posted looking for some help, I included that we were looking for someone using Rhino along with T-Splines and Keyshot. I didn’t want to impose those restrictions, this time around. Rendering could be done by the modeler, but it doesn’t need to be. I didn’t want someone who may be qualified to not respond because they didn’t have rendering software at their disposal. Rendering isn’t the problem, it’s getting the packaging concepts modeled. T-Splines isn’t needed for the vast majority of standard Pkg. Design work, either.

I’ve got T-Splines as well as AutoDesk Shape Modeling which might be of use on your projects. I’ve gone through maybe a dozen renderers including Keyshot but am very happy with Octane for the last couple of years. Thanks for your clarification on your needs. Agree that you have to start with good concept models first!

Hi mcramblet,
I’m writing from Italy and i’ve got a great experience lately (ab. 7 yrs) working in packaging, folding/paper/cardboard items and so on. you can check my portfolio containig such items:
i worked on thermoforming too, for food containers, ecc.
Unfortunately I don’t have T-spline neither K-shot, I use Rhino as is.
If you want, i’m here.
cheers… Vince

I’m not sure If I’ve spoken to you about this in the past? Seems familiar… I’m currently doing a lot of work with packaging here in Bristol but it’s mostly rendering at the moment.

I have first hand experience of vacuum forming myself and for a lot of POS in the retail industry among other things - take a look here: Take a look here:

I own Rhino and Keyshot 5 and I’m on the cusp of reluctantly buying T-Splines in the next couple of weeks… I say reluctantly because it’s almost as expensive as Rhino! :slight_smile:

I can send you examples of portfolio work privately as much of the work I do is under the umbrella of an NDA.

Hi Michael,

I am a long time Rhino user, and offer design and RP services based in the UK through my company Make3D Ltd.

Our business model is to provide competitive, short lead time design and reverse engineering using Rhino. This often involves generating conceptual designs from a sketch or meeting, reverse engineering existing parts for modification, or working with scan data. All the popular Rhino plugins are used across a wide-range of project-types.

I have experience with injection moulding, vacuum casting, CNC milling and all the popular RP technologies. Although I don’t have explicit experience with packaging, I am very interested in this type of work and I hope there is enough knowledge-crossover there to warrant consideration. I am an industrial designer by training, and hope that my experience could provide a useful way of looking at packaging.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, I would be happy to provide samples of previous work confidentially.



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Hi Mcramblet
I have just now discovered your message… a little bit late :wink:
I am a Package Designer with 18 years experience.
If your message is still relevant - then I will be glad to talk with you about it.
My email is:
I have looked in your gallery - WONDERFUL !!!