OT: new meshintersector is a Killer!

Hi Mcneelies, @piac,
I’m trying the latest R7Wip working with meshes and SubD and I’ve to congratulate with you because the new Mesh Trim/Spit is a great improvement.
Is visibly faster and reliable, a real step ahead.

Only one small wish… Could be integrated with the normal Trim/Split?

Stay safe and keep working for us :wink:


Thank you :heart:.

And yes, there’s also more to do.

This is something that is planned – see RH-52446 – but not immediately. Once the command set is complete and works properly, we will work on integrating the commands back into the main commands.

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Is it available on rhinocommon?
I am really interested in boolean operations.

Boolean operations are only in a minor part improved right now.
See what is available now.